How do I avoid honeymoon cystitis during my Cancun honeymoon?

"Honeymoon cystitis" is a urinary tract infection or "UTI" that is common on honeymoons for first timers. It's fairly easily taken care of with some basic cleanliness precautions:

1) You should both wash hands and genitalia before sex and never move from the anal region to the genital region without first washing again. This helps to avoid introducing bacteria to the uretha in the first place.
2) Always urinate after sex. This will help to flush bacteria out of the uretha.
3) Take vitamin C to acidify the urine. This slows bacterial growth. Surgar free cranberry juice helps too.
4) If you'll be travelling out of the US, see if you can get a prescription from a doctor in advance of your trip. Then if you do experience the burning sensation on urination, which is the first indicator of honeymoon cystitis or "urinary tract infrection ("UTI"), you can treat it quickly and avoid getting extremely ill...

That's just my opinion, Annie.