Do stories include only moral behavior?


I would like to submit a story to your site but I must first ask a question about the guidelines for the stories. I am a very, very passionate Christian and devote a great deal of time to studying scripture. Based on my studies, I do not believe that it is immoral to fantasize about engaging in immoral sexual activity. For example, couples might fantasize about including a third party in their sexual activities with absolutely no intention of ever doing so. This leads to some interesting questions when writing erotica. First, if the purpose of this site is to provide a source of arousal for Christian couples, must the sexual activity in the story be moral?

Dear Author,

That's a tough question. The answer generally is that stories should be moral and healthy, but where to draw the line is a tricky business and we believe that every person will draw it differently. That is why there is a preferences page, so people can express different preferences for what's acceptable, and still not be exposed to anything they find objectionable.

Go ahead and submit your story, and our editors will add the preference codes, edit it as needed, and post it if it is otherwise well written and not too extreme.

That’s just my opinion, Annie