My wife lost her sex drive due to menopause (MP). What can I do?

That is a tough one that some of the authors at struggle with too. Some of our authors have helped their libido by writing or reading stories at our site. Then they can share them with their husbands, or if too shy (as some of them are), just call Hubby to the bedroom to take advantage of the moment.

One thing that is important is getting enough sleep. MP disturbs sleep, and women are often very tired as a result. Another physical issue that can occur is thinning and drying of the tissues causing discomfort on sex. This problem can be helped with natural estrogenic creams and/or a good lubricant. A woman can also try a DHEA cream. DHEA is the precursor for testosterone, and some of the women here have found it can increase libido.

Some women even use Viagra, although none of us can attest to its effectiveness. Since Viagra acts to increase blood flow to the genitals, it may be helpful only to those few women for whom low libido is attributable to that cause, but it won’t help all those women who are just too tired or frustrated with their partners.

Another thing that is important to women is to FEEL attractive. Some enjoy getting a little "dressed up" in advance, many like to go dancing, anything that makes a woman feel attractive will tend to increase a woman's interest. My husband bought me a body stocking recently, and we both enjoyed that see-through costume, albeit briefly (it didn't look that bad either with a wide belt and high heels).

Timing is often an important issue too. If you set a "date" night (or morning) for the two of you, she will know to get prepared in advance, and that can help.

Have you asked her what her triggers for arousal are? Does she enjoy an erotic movies, books, dancing? Find out!

Finally, be aware that a woman's sex drive is just very different than a man's. Men are sight driven and get aroused very easily. Women are much more about situation and take a long time to get interested. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you or want you—women are just different.

If you take the time and pay attention to her, you can often slowly get her to come around. Try rubbing her feet and snuggling with her. Suggest a bubble bath together. Maybe a walk after dinner holding hands and chatting. Make the time. Take the time.

Well, that's just my opinion.