Increased sex drive during menopause?

I am a 44 year old, happily married Christian mother of 4. Last week I texted my husband a few pics of me while he was traveling, he texted me a few back and since then I have had an insatiable sexual appetite. It seems odd since we have a wonderful sex life (sex usually 4~5 times a week). But, for the last week, I've been thinking of sex all the time, want to have sex all the time, and it has been hard to focus on other things my job and my children. I continually have a tingling feeling and I have even gotten the vibrator out a couple of times, although I do not usually use one unless my husband is present and we are having sex together. In fact, I have been looking at going on an erotic vacation since we have not been alone together on a trip for 4 years. I am very adventurous and fantasize about oral sex and intercourse outside of our bedroom, sun bathing naked, walking around naked. (beaches, elevators, etc). I wonder if it is menopause making me have these feelings or even if it normal? My husband is very open to communication and loves to make love to me....I am just not sure how to communicate these new feelings to him. My desire is only for him... I just want him in new ways and new places.

Dear Mother of Four,

These feelings are indeed normal, and I can tell you MY mother's sex drive was quite high for a short period during peri-menopause, although that eventually faded. In fact, my husband is waiting eagerly for this to happen to me!

The scientific explanation is simple: all women have both estrogen and testosterone, and as the estrogen recedes naturally in later years, the testosterone become more prevalent for a short while, giving you a more active libido. Many women experience this, and it usually fades as the testosterone also begins to slow down.

Chances are your husband will be thrilled, so go ahead and explore this with him. Meanwhile, why don't you write up some of your best fantasies and submit them for publication at our site?

Thanks just my opinion, Annie