Is masturbation harmful?

I am a 19 year old college going girl. I masturbate at least two times a day, and am not able to stop this. Is it harmful to health? I have not so far found any bad effect. On the other hand, I become more refreshed after every self pleasure session. I very much love masturbation. Can I continue this till marriage? Please guide me.

Dear College Girl,

Masturbation is not per se harmful to your physical health, but can be taken to extremes. Further, to the extent that you use vigorous stimulation, you can desensitize yourself to more moderate stimulation and this may lead to disappointment in your married life. Desensitization can be a problem, for example, with vibrators. Inappropriate mental images (e.g., fantasizing about a married man or a person that is too young for sex or having violent images) that accompany masturbation can also lead to problems.

My suggestion would be to masturbate in moderation (twice a day may not be moderate), and be aware that you are setting behavior patterns that will be with you for life. Masturbation should not become a substitute for getting out with friends, and having lots of fun with other people.

That's just my opinion, Annie