About June and Petra

June and Petra are the Mother's of Christian-Erotica.com — a site where Christian couples can come for erotic literature, and be assured that they will not be bombarded by spit and cellulite, offensive advertising, annoying pop-up ads, an inability to back out of an offensive site, nor abuse and exploitation. In other words, a site that Christians can visit in relative safety and comfort.

The idea was conceived a few years ago when we realized that the Internet was all about selling sex, but we had somehow missed the entire thing. So we went a-calling at various sex, porn, erotica and related sites. Our reaction was uniformly “yecchhh…”

Yet, we always felt that erotica could be written and presented in an tasteful, discrete and inoffensive way, and with some embarrassment, but great belief in the value of the idea, Christian-Erotica.com was born.

Christian-Erotica.com provides free erotic literature and may provide pay-for-subscription access to additional content in the future, if needed to support the site. Readers can pre-screen stories according to their own criteria, assuring that they will not be exposed to activities they find unacceptable. Readers rate stories for a Story of the Month award, and we encourage authors to submit content. Readers can also Ask Annie, a PhD biologist, their most personal questions.

No identifying information is needed to join— While we use your email address to set up your account, we will not use your email for spam, nor sell or rent it to anyone else. You can even use a fake email and a fake name (a “nom de plume”) if you like! Just make sure that the email is unique.

Best of all, the sexual activities are between healthy, loving, married couples, proving that sex need not be extreme, illicit or bizarre to be enjoyable. 

Christian-Erotica.com does not, however, dictate what is acceptable between married couples. Nor does it proselytize. It is purely for erotic enjoyment and sex education.

If you are interested in our offerings, and you are 18 years of age or older, please enter.